WOWshots!  That’s what I call them.  Headshots impressive enough, when  an industry professional’s  first response is…“Wow, who is that!”  Or…“Wow, she’d be perfect for this project.”  Or...”Wow, he’s hot!”  You get the idea, don’t you?

With twenty-five years of experience shooting all over America, including NYC and Hollywood, I’ve developed a style and flair that combines simplicity, technical expertise, and an authentic sense of photo editing.  With a thousand photo shoots under my belt, a keen instinct for the casting process…I truly believe I can produce work that will get you noticed!

Before you surf the samples below…here’s a bit of pertinent history.  Please take a moment to read this brief tome.

After UCLA film school, I was fortunate to score a job working for one of largest casting companies in Hollywood…Sheila Manning Casting.  I directed casting sessions for her.  Her clients were Hollywood heavyweight directors.  Among themRidley Scott (Gladiator, Alien), Adrian Lynn (Fatal Attraction, Flashdash), David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo), just to name a few on a long list.  My headshot-perspective comes from being front and center of the Hollywood casting process, at it’s highest level.

Let’s talk headshots for a moment.  Look…the purpose of a headshot is not to impress your family, friends, or significant other.  A headshot is, not even, to impress your industry friends.  They likely know you and are familiar with your talent level.  Allow me to cut to the proverbial chase here…wait for it…

“…the primary purpose of a headshot is to WOW industry
professionals (and their clients) who DO NOT KNOW YOU!”

It is imperative an actor understands this and prepares accordingly.  A great headshot or WOWshot! is to separate the actor from the piles of competitive photos submitted to a project.  (Now, full disclosure, a great headshot will ONLY get you in the door…you must bring some game, attitude, or talent with you and be ready to rock it!)

That initial impression a photograph leaves with someone can be career-changing, good or bad.  That initial impression determines whether or not the actor gets called into an interview…either to meet an agent, or other important industry professionals (producer, director), or to book an audition.

Secondarily, the headshot serves as a reminder to those in the industry, who are already familiar with you.  Get it?  Got it.  Good!

An actor or model’s headshot should be simple, clean, and WOW!  In my opinion, an actor’s headshot should look like he or she has already MADE IT, for lack of a better term.  Let’s say you have a business.  Would you want to hire someone who gives the impression they are an amateur?  Or, would you prefer to employ someone that gives the impression they are a solid professional?  Simple choice, right?   It’s the same with a headshot.

“…to get you in the door…first IMPRESSION is so very important…”

A headshot photographer’s responsibility is to deliver a product that is not only high quality, technically…but, leaves an impression of achieved-success and professionalism, while peppered with a dash of WOW!  (apologies, watching the Food Channel too much lately)

I look forward to sharing my experiences on this blog-site…I have a ton of great stories that I shall post.  Some headshot specific…all industry-related.  I’m certain you’ll find them insightful.

As you view the headshot samples below…notice the WOW! factor in each photo.  Notice the intensity in the eyes.  Notice the LIKEABILITY in each presentation.  This is not an accident.  It is by design.

Remember, the worst thing you can do as an actor (regardless of your experience level) is submit a photo that leaves the impression that you’re an amateur.


Adult Actor Headshots

Kids Actor Headshots

Business Headshots