I believe it’s important when selecting a photographer (or a model, for that matter) that you know a bit about them.  This is the reason I’ve posted some of my personal stories on the website.  Allow me to share with you…how I got started shooting…glamour.

As I mentioned on the headshots page…I banged around NYC and Hollywood shooting headshots to make ends meet, while pursuing an acting career.  Right place, right time…it almost always gets down to that, doesn’t it.  It’s been said (I think by Pee Wee Herman) “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” (ok, it was Seneca).

One day a sixteen year old named Bobbie Ann Brown walked into my studio in LA.  Bobbie was fresh off the crawdad boat from Louisiana and in emergent need of headshots for a meeting with an agent later that day.  I was happy to oblige; especially, given the rush fee.

The agency, East-West Talent, loved the photos and signed her on the spot.  They also liked my work and signed me to shoot all of their new faces.

Within a few weeks, Bobbie Ann was cast as the ‘Cherry Pie Girl’, in Warrant’s huge video (go ahead, google it, you know you want to).  She went on to become the 13-time Spokemodel Champion on StarSearch.  It wasn’t long before Starmakers Publications, began producing posters of her…she insisted I was the photographer.  That led to Starmarkers hiring me to shoot a poster for Olympic Diving Champion Greg Louganis, which cast much attention in my direction.

I was prepared…the opportunity presented itself…and all of a sudden I got very lucky and was overwhelmed with work.  That one random-emergency photo session with Bobbie Ann Brown (soon to be the ’80s music video queen) launched both of our careers that day.  (Only I didn’t have to sleep with Tommy Lee and Leonardo DiCaprio.)  Thank heaven for small favors.

So, there you are…that’s how I got started in this photographic, glamour madness.  Something else…I love it!

Now, to what purpose do I share these stories with you?  Firstly, I wish you to know a bit about me.  More importantly, most likely you are visiting this site because you are in search of a photographer (either that or you’re just pervin’ the babes, which is ok, too).  When choosing a photographer, in my opinion, experience is one of the crucial, deciding factors in that process.  If it’s style and experience you’re looking for…I’m your huckleberry.

I hope you enjoy the few samples below.