Allow me, for a moment, to pontificate (whatever that is) about how to select a photographer.

Salient in the selection process of a photographer is 1) style and 2) experience.  While considering a photographer and viewing his or her work, can you see yourself  in the photos?  Do you like what you see?  Ok, good…then you like their style…he or she might be a good fit.  If not…better to keep looking.

Has the photographer experience?  Demonstrated by a significant body of work, offering different styles and genres?  Or do you get the feeling they may have landed that new DSLR thru a Craigslist garage sale, last year?  Threw up (not to be confused with throw-up) a website sporting a few images resembling snapshots and high school senior pics?  I see a plethora of photographers birthed from the proliferation of digital equipment, YouTube tutes, and photo-editing apps…unfortunately, an abyss of understanding excellence and mastery can been seen, also.  The latter, in my view, comes only thru time spent on the job!

I bring up these topics to install a neon sign in your minds eye, squarely around the notion…that I wish to have your business.

Having been blessed over many years working for magazine and poster publications, commercial clientele, as well as personal clients, you will not find a more skilled and reasonably priced photographer in Arizona.

With a variety of projects, ranging from photographing celebrities to advertising photos…from engagement photos to sporting events…from family portraits to high end real estate, I offer a vast knowledge of image capture and photo editing.  No brag, just fact.  I have included some photos below, demonstrating the range of images I’ve been fortunate to have produced over the years.  Enjoy.

Providing high quality, professional photography has been a consistent goal for nearly ten years in the Phoenix market, services that are tailor-made for each client.  With a total of twenty five years experience, including the New York City, Los Angeles, and the Memphis markets, I like to believe I have achieved an impressive level of technical skill in the photographic arts.

Of course, I invite you to review work samples in these pages.  You will find a most convenient online booking mechanism, to offer you a painless, anxiety-free experience while booking your date and times for a photo session that fits comfortably in your schedule.  Naturally, if you would prefer to contact me personally, please feel free to do so.

I offer a service that’s friendly and second to none and I look forward to hearing from you.

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