A short film by G Rockett Phillips

A short film by G Rockett Phillips

Max and Freddie –  Eleven year old Max Darden struggles with a demon; inside his house, inside his room, inside his own mind! 11 min film short by G. Rockett Phillips & Pirate Maximus Media.  Starring David Rhea and Lillie Burrow.  Post production nearly complete for launch to film festival circuit Sept.1, 2014.   Film short.

Max & Freddie started out in an acting class I was teaching, Memphis, TN.  I became so enamored with a couple of my students, David Rhea and Lillie Burrow.  Although I had shot a number of commercials, I had not shot a narrative film since UCLA film school.  Initially, Max & Freddie was shot, edited and displayed (mainly as an acting/directing exercise for us) for family and friends, in 2011.  Earlier in the Spring of 2014, I had the idea to re-edit and re-produce the small film and prep it for the film festival circuit.  Yanno, to see if anyone would notice. A lot of intensity and dedication went into this project.  So, off we go on Pirate Maximus’ maiden voyage, Max & Freddie.




A short film by G Rockett Phillips

A short film by G Rockett Phillips

Maidenhead – A disturbed 27 year old woman, sells her virginity, on Craigslist.  Casting  February 2015.  Talent video submissions to


Cathy – mid to late 20s.  A sweet, almost plain outward appearance.  However; a darkness, lurks underneath the surface.

Carl – mid 40s to mid 50s.  An insurance salesman, not a very good one.  Divorced.  A grand sense of humor, but inwardly dislikes his lot in life.

Production dates: TBD

Film short.







The Medal - In Development

The Medal – In Development

The Medal is the fictitious story of an American war hero, who is tortured and killed in the Korean conflict in 1952; and how the dark tentacles of his demise demonically reach back to his wife and ten year old daughter, in America.

Through the assistance of a French psychiatrist, a cigar smokin’, whiskey drinkin’ angel is summoned to earth to rescue his family.

And we all know; whenever you have demons & divinity squaring off for a spiritual kerfuffle…it is always explosive and rarely disappoints.

The young girl, Abbie Murphy, loses her father’s Bronze star at school. He has given his prized keepsake to his daughter, to comfort her in his absence. Along with these words…

“…as sure as the moon rises…as sure as the tide rolls in…I stand ready at your soul…I stand ready to defend…”

A poetic soldier and father, indeed.

On the very same day she loses her father’s medal, Abbie and her mother, Claire, are notified of the father’s death, in combat. And by losing the medal, the devastated Abbie assumes she has caused his death, and falls into guilt-ridden depression, leaving her helplessly vulnerable to darker forces.

Through a series of dreams, and the aid of a French psychiatrist, her mother, Claire, meets Ariel the angel.  At her wit’s end, the mother reluctantly recruits the angel to rescue her daughter…and herself!

Status: in development and fundraising