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TBT – Jesse Shen – GM N9NE, Las Vegas

I LOVE social media!

In an effort to update and recalibrate my social media channels, I stumbled upon Jesse Shen, the former GM of the best steakhouse on the planet N9NE, in Las Vegas.

I was hired to photograph a pictorial by POST magazine, in 2008. The subject matter was The Palms hotel and N9NE Steakhouse. Jesse was an amazingly, interesting guy and quite a gracious host.

He’s moved onto bigger and better things with Maximal Concepts, in Hong Kong. It was great to catch up and reconnect.

Cheers, Jesse!


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Did you KNOW this? I was pretty impressed!

Almost 70% of all adults in the USA use Facebook.

Yanno…that’s lotsa folks! And, even tho the other social media horses in the race are at full gallop…FB is not only holding it’s own…but increasing it’s lead. Impressive.

Social Media Update 2016

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Client Profile – Suzanne Harris Jackson

What can I say about this woman? Cheer & Baton Trainer. Mentor. Selfless. Generous. And, ALWAYS, there for a friend. It’s really quite remarkable.

Of course, there’s the whole beauty factor.

Lucky is the person to call this lady friend

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and photographing Suzanne for half-a-decade. As a result of my acting class, I was able to convince her to shoot a “ponytail & sweatshirt” shot, for commercial purposes. She hated the “under dressed” quality of the photo.

I loved it!

However; to keep my health in tact, I shall not post it here….because she would gut me with a dull, butter knife! ( Did I mention she hated it?)

A fierce mom? Indeed. 

Having the opportunity to watch her kids grow up, truly, Suzanne’s done an admirable and amazing job...

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